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Blackout Blinds

Many of our customers initially think that a blackout blind has to be a roller blind and
must be a dark colour.This is not the case.

Whilst roller blinds with a blackout fabric are very effective many other styles of
window blinds & curtains can give similar effects. At Local blinds we offer over 80 different colours & styles of blackout roller blinds.

In addition we can also offer blackout vertical blinds, blackout roman blinds, blackout
curtains & blackout pleated blinds, plantation shutters, solid wood venetian blinds and aluminium venetian blinds are also very effective at reducing light.

Whilst light will be significantly reduced using any of the styles above it is still likely
that some light will “bleed” through at the ends of the blind itself. For most people this small amount of light is not an issue as the vast majority of light has been reduced. However, for those customers who require absolute blackout we can offer a blackout cassette blind. This will eliminate 100% of light penetration. This is the same type of blind used in dark rooms and for specialised applications.

Whatever option you choose we will ensure that each & every blind is fitted to
perfection. Every blind fitted by us will ensure the maximum child safety possible with catches, clips or brackets fitted as required.
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