Child Safety Blinds


At local blinds we are committed to ensuring that every blind we supply is as child friendly as it can possibly be.

Some style of blinds are intrinsically safer than others eg a spring operated roller blind as opposed to a chain operated roller blind.

We believe however, that our customers need to have blinds that look good and perform the tasks asked of them as well as being child safe.

Therefore when we visit your house we will discus the child safety advantages and disadvantages of each blind before you place your order.

Whatever option you choose you can be assured that we will have a child safety catch, clip or bracket that will make your blinds as safe as possible.

We also offer a very popular service with rental landlords (both long term & short term) and to new parents/grandparents. Our experienced fitters will call to your property and retro fit or make all your existing blinds ‘Child Safety Blinds’ regardless of wherever and whenever you bought them.

Why Local Blinds:
Local Blinds have extensive experience around the North West region installing blinds for all customers needs. Local blinds specialise in Coastal homes and know how to make the most of our beautiful scenery and the best fit for the space you wish to install blinds to. Extensive knowledge of each product ensures that we get the perfect fit for your home and your needs. Remember we come to your home to carry out a one to one consultation service.

INTERESTED? Please contact us now for a no obligation quote in the comfort of your home.

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