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Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are normally associated with conservatories & sunrooms.They provide an excellent solution to heat retention or heat deflection in these areas but they are also suitable for use in many other rooms.

Pleated Blinds can be used as Blackout Blinds in bedrooms and for excellent heat retention or heat & glare deflection in living areas.

A pleated blind is extremely versatile. It can be shaped to fit virtually any style of conservatory or sunroom roof. It can be fitted inside a frame unit for use on tilt & turn windows or it can be left free hanging.

When pulled up Pleated Blinds virtually disappear so are perfect on windows which offer wonderful views during the day, but lose a lot of heat in the evening.

Local blinds offer a complete range of Pleated Blinds giving you over 100 fabrics to choose from. Every blind fitted by us will ensure the maximum child safety possible with catches, clips or brackets fitted as required.

You could also push the boat out and have them motorised!

Why Local Blinds:
Local Blinds have extensive experience around the North West region installing blinds for all customers needs. Local blinds specialise in Coastal homes and know how to make the most of our beautiful scenery and the best fit for the space you wish to install blinds to. Extensive knowledge of each product ensures that we get the perfect fit for your home and your needs. Remember we come to your home to carry out a one to one consultation service.

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