Wood Venetian Blinds

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Styles of Blinds

Wood Venetian Blinds

Wood Venetian Blinds are probably the most aspirational blind on the market today.

Local Blinds offers 4 different ranges of solid wood blinds to suit each and every
pocket. Why have Faux wood when you can have the real thing?

We can fit Wood Venetian Blinds to any size of window. Our slat sizes range form
25mm, 35mm 50mm to 65mm.

We have solid colour choices from brilliant whites to gloss blacks & every colour of
green and red in between inc gold and silver!
Our natural wood colours range from light pine to dark walnut.
Each and every blind can also be offered with a range of colour co-ordinated tapes.

Wood Venetian Blinds are suitable for most rooms other than very moist/damp areas.
They can be fitted inside a frame & are therefore suitable for tilt & turn windows.
They provide excellent blackout properties and when closed can offer a heat retention
benefit nearly twice as effective as lined curtains.

Wood itself is a natural insulator, being extremely effective at keeping cold out in the
winter, recent reports suggest that wood venetian blinds could be just as effective in
conserving heat as double glazing.

Every blind fitted by us will ensure the maximum child safety possible with catches,
clips or brackets fitted as required.
You could also push the boat out and have them motorised!

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